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There are many contenders for the industry 4.0 vertical digitization:

  • Manufacturing Intelligence And Analytics
  • End-to-end digitization of all physical assets and integration into digital ecosystems

We aim to extend that integration to value chain partners encompassing a broad spectrum of technologies (horizontal digitization) embracing the full spectrum of the industry 4.0 framework:



Primecog digital platform enables real-time operational collaboration between industrial organizations. This is a central element to the full concept of industry 4.0.
In particular, this platform allows an organization to be digitalized, with respect to the way it cooperates with its business partners (customers and suppliers). If the organization has all its processes digitalized, the platform promotes the automatic interoperability with those partners and consequently all ecosystem benefits from productivity gains. It should be noted that this interoperability remains valid, even in the case of organizations that do not have their internal processes digitalized.

This platform dynamically establishes, in every moment, the agreements among several industrial organizations, taking into account the requirements, the offerings of each participant, and external business environment factors (e.g., currency exchange, political situation). As soon as the agreement is established between the parties, the platform continuously monitors the execution and the state of the business (e.g., quantities produced of total agreed, estimated time of delivery of the order). The platform is responsible for exchanging the information among the IT systems of the collaborating organizations



GoDigital: Project-based service for a specific industrial organization in order to promote its vertical digitalisation. This procurement service is oriented towards the integration of third-party solutions.

LinkINOB: Service to connect any industrial organization to the INOB platform via specific INOB-connectors.


InternetOfBusinesses (INOB): Multi-side platform that interconnects heterogeneous systems from multiple industrial organisations, contributing to the digitalisation of processes and the interconnectivity among those organisations. This platform includes a set of INOB-connectors, each one allowing any industrial organisation to connect to the platform partners with a specific purpose. The INOB product is targeted to any industrial organisation that is willing to take advantage of a large set of partners to boost its business.

PrivateCluster ou PrivatINOB: Customised INOB platform for a specific set of industrial partners (cluster) that want to interconnect its businesses in a closed circuit, based on a negotiated SLA. This product is targeted to clusters of partner companies or multi-site industrial organisations.

Primecog Solution

Get to Know Us

The primecog project was born out of the collective insight of the experience that came from the academia, three PhD’s two of them full professor, and the industry. In a nutshell we all are computer science engineers coming from different industries knowing something is missing.

In a world about to burst into a new paradigm shift, of which Industry 4.0 is the tip of the iceberg, reality is that almost every organization struggles to integrate knowledge among different information systems.

Sharing information, when done, is hard and cumbersome. Even harder is to extract knowledge from the exponential stream of data digitization processes are churning out every second. The sensors on production lines of a supplier factory, are of no use to alert systems on the final client factory across the world and on another organization that something is jeopardizing the supply chain and contingency measures should kick in.

Service providers struggle with a multitude of information systems to manage the engagement of the public. You want to launch a new campaign but it’s a nightmare to integrate the app needed with the myriad of other marketing initiatives, customer databases, CRM systems, IT structures, technologies, protocols security and compliance.

We are the platform acting as the Rosetta stone among digitization actors. With primecog your systems will talk among themselves but, more critically, they will be able to talk with your partners/providers systems and, automatically, react dynamically to adjust the flow of information/production, knowledge to meet your goals: efficiency, quality, control and optimization.

But we think there’s more. The primecog platform running this integration and translation tasks will be able to produce advice on better ways to improve your performance. We are talking about steering processes and decisions with the help of AI systems overseeing this symphony of systems.

The Project


Develop systems that allow organizations to execute automatically and in real time its internal operations and exchange information among external partners, enhancing value creation and business sustainability.


To be a reference in the global market by the innovative character and excellence of products and services developed that allow companies to evolve to Industry 4.0

Mission / Vision
Armindo Lobo
Francisco Duarte
João Fernandes
Research Advisor
Manuel Alves
Marco Couto
Software Architect
Pedro Araújo
Software Architect
Pedro Silva
Carlos Ribeiro
Software Architect
Our Team